Touraine is the region where the best French is spoken, so we invite you to come speak it with us!

Conversational sessions
We have been welcoming foreign students for many years as a host family and have observed the limits of language school courses. Conversation with a family provides a more complete experience, allowing students to progress more quickly.
If you have already experienced language schools, you realise that the opportunity to practice conversational French is what is missing! Our sessions are conversational and are designed to complement traditional courses taught in language schools.

Emphasis on discussion, broadening vocabulary, improving your accent and the opportunity to experience the pleasure of speaking French through topics which interest you. We can incorporate different media and subjects: TV, newspaper articles, local events, economics and politics! You can expand your vocabulary in everyday situations and with activities as cooking, reading aloud or singing. You can improve your understanding by listening to the radio, and engaging in related discussions about French culture, social problems, etc. The possibilities for progress are endless !

Conversation within a family gives you the confidence to expand your circle of acquaintances.

Recommended time: 2 to 4 hours a day

Rates: see list of rates