In addition to castles and wineries, you can also discover:

The gardens of Touraine In ten stages from the most famous vegetable plots to some miniature hidden paradise gardens have something for everyone. This theme is not limited to garden specialists: everyone can enjoy the great variety, serenity and beauty of these gardens.  


Urban scenes and the hearts of villages Whether you are visiting the market, enjoying a cup of coffee or a guided tour, the cities of Touraine greet you with open arms! Tours is capital of the Loire Valley with a picturesque old town while Amboise has a beautiful Italian style including the last home of Leonardo da Vinci, and there is also Chinon, Loches and a whole range of Touraine villages to be discovered!


The Southern part of Touraine Head south for a visit to the sunny side of the Touraine region from Loches, the gateway to the "south side". The scenery gradually changes as slate roofs give way to red tiles and rolling hills and valleys dominate the landscape. Small villages and farms combine the pleasure of nature and rich history and make for a really nice trip!


The museums and houses of writers or famous people Follow in the gourmand steps of François Rabelais to Chinon, enjoy the privacy of Honoré de Balzac's study in Sache, visit Leonardo da Vinci's house in Amboise or the rose garden of the Priory of Saint Cosme; these are just some of the great literary figures whose footsteps you can follow. They guide you as you discover Touraine, which has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and writers.

The troglodytes of Touraine One of the features of the Loire Valley along with castles and the river is the troglodytes (underground tuffeau cave or house). Whenever you are interested in tourist sites, villages or wine cellars, this trip will plunge you into the fascinating atmosphere of these spaces.


The Loire The last wild river in Europe fascinates us with its ever-changing beauty. Dotted with islands of greenery and sandbars, it evokes tranquillity and the sweetness of life in the summer months, while winter makes it furious, threatening the nearby residents! The Loire cannot be tamed but it can be approached and everyone can discover it as they prefer.

By bicyle: Circuits and routes along the Loire

By boat: People who are nostalgic for wooden barges can travel back in-time while sports enthusiasts find canoe and kayak trips repay their efforts!  -
On foot: The wonderful variety of walks are a delight  accessible to everyone
From the air: From above the Loire and its valley, the wiews are simply majestic

'Gourmet food' in Touraine.  Also known as the Garden of France, this region has been favoured by the gods! This is a great French wine region. It has gardens, orchards, farms and forests teeming with game making it a land of plenty. Among the well-known specialties are succulent rilettes de Tours, Sainte Maure de Touraine cheese, cracklings, flat bread...


Special events
There are countless events all the year round  : Outdoor shows at night in castle grounds, gourmet markets, medieval fairs, the feast of the Loire river, dance hall tavern, the Le Mans 24 hour race, the equestrian shows the scope of Saumur, the huntsmen's patronal feast...
To take advantage of them: